LINKS MPYA 2023 – Link za Magroup ya WhatsApp Tanzania (UPDATED)

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Explore 1000+ link za WhatsApp and join bila kikomo. Find recent active WhatsApp group links around Tanzania.

You can also have multiple groups on the platform. 

Whether it’s family, school-mates, work colleagues, homemakers around the neighborhood block, you can have a group for virtually anything!

Also, it works as a great feature for mobilization campaigns. In countries like Tanzania , political parties actively use WhatsApp to exchange messages with their followers. 

It has its downsides, too, as someone could use the app to spread disinformation.

Earlier, the number of members you could add to a WhatsApp group was limited to 100. But in 2016.

WhatsApp increased the number of members who could participate in a single group to 256 people.

Here are plenty of groups available on WhatsApp on almost every possible field, from Jobs, Scholarships, entertainment, gaming & quotes to Educational.

How to join the WhatsApp group?

  • Choose a WhatsApp group topic.
  • Select any link.
  • Finally, click to Join the WhatsApp group.
Kanga mokoJiunge
Love chattingJiunge
Mahaba tuJiunge
Mapenzi tamuJiunge
Kwa mpalangeJiunge
Warembo wa kusisimuaJiunge
My loveJiunge
Mtoa nyegeJiunge
Love wasagajiJiunge
Utamu wa kitandaniJiunge
True loveJiunge
Baby chomoaJiunge
Malaya bongoJiunge
Urafiki na UpendoJiunge
Love kwa afyaJiunge
Love discussion Join Now
Mziki Life Join Now
Piga bao Join Now
Warembo BongoJoin Now
Kitu na boksi Join Now
Simba Nguvu moja Join Now
Kiss and love Join Now
Mpende anaekupendaJoin Now
OH babyJoin Now
Sugar mamiJoin Now
Utamu bebeJoin Now
Nipe utamu Join Now
Love chatJoin Now
Penda utamuJoin Now
Malaya Tanzania  Join Now
Love groups Join Now
Dudu mapenziJoin group
Connection za Malaya Group Join Here 
Full ngono utamu
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Tafuta wachumba
Join group
Wachumba tu
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Maliza nyege Tz
Join group
Show kaliJoin group
Wachumba malayaJoin group
Kitu mnatoJoin group
Mapenzi groupJoin group
Malaya Viuno
Join group
Njoo Uone ngomosiJoin group
Malaya karibu yako
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Wakubwa tuJoin group
Vumbi la kongoJoin group
Kanga mokoJiunge

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